Rachael McAuley * 5 star review

1st October 2019 (Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Facebook page)

Trevor and Jackie are an awesome team and have coached 4 of my boys over the last ten years. I wouldn't go anywhere else. They are amazing with my special needs son and have taught discipline and self confidence to them all. Highly recommend.

Amber Barber   *    5 star review               

13th July 2019 (Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Facebook page)

I personally don’t partake in the lessons but my husband and son do. The care and patience that both Trevor and Jacqueline have for my son is incredible. I’m so glad that we found Yong-gi.

Matt Barber  *   5 star review

10th July 2019 (Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Facebook page)

Great family friendly martial art environment. I train with my 5 year old at Yong-gi Taekwondo and the classes are always a great experience

Kelly Ann Doyle 5 star review

29th March 2019 (Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Facebook page)

My husband and kids go there, it's great fun and exercise along with learning something new. Instructor Trevor and Jackie are the best and really great with the young ones. I would definitely recommend Yong-gi Taekwondo

Alan Doyle  *  5 star review

4th March 2019 (Activeactivities.com.au website)

I attend classes with my five-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son. The instructors are supportive and have seemingly endless patience. This is a wonderful way to get fit whilst bonding with your children.

Michael Mortensen  * 5 star review

22nd October 2018  (Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Facebook page and Google)

Wonderful, knowledgeable instructors with a friendly, welcoming, family friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Amy and Terry Owen * 5 star review

21st October 2018  (Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Facebook page and Google)

My 8 year old son really enjoys and looks forward to his classes every week. Trevor and Jackie are fantastic instructors who make the classes fun while learning. They are helpful, energetic and have gone over and above with helping my son to learn his grading pattern. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a Taekwondo class for their child or themselves.

James Sayers * 5 star review

22nd September 2018  (Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Facebook page and Google)

Great master instructor understanding with peoples limitations great knowledge of the art taekwondo.

Charmaine Rafton * 5 star review

16th January 2019 (Yong-gi Taekwondo Australia Facebook page)

Family friendly Taekwondo. We are mum, dad and 9 year son all training in the same class at the same time. This is something that was important to us to be able to all do a fitness activity together. All the instructors are passionate and encouraging to each student along with, knowing their students limitations.
We are very thankful that we have this opportunity to learn the art of Taekwondo together.